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The Dixie Difference - Dixie Estate Sales

Not all estate sale companies are created equally. In fact, some aren’t even companies. They’re hush-hush, no-name operations ducking taxes and other civic obligations. Or, they spend only a few days to prepare and a few hours to sell, then give away the rest and move on to their next sale.


But wait! You have a lot of equity invested in your possessions! How your estate-sale company prepares, presents, and promotes your sale makes a huge difference in the amount of the check they deliver at the end of the sale. Why not hire Dixie to reclaim your investment and give you the worth your sale deserves?


Dixie Home:  Working for The Client

Your estate is valuable. And our goal is simple: sell as much of the estate as possible for as much money as possible, while providing excellent service to our clients and to our large following of shoppers. We take the time and care to stage beautiful estate sales, because we know that’s the way to get you the best possible dollar amount for your possessions.


As Much as Possible, for As Much as Possible: The Three Ps

How does Dixie work to get you more?

Pricing: If we go too high, you get nothing, because your items don’t sell. If we go too low, you don’t get as much as you should from your valuables. That’s why we use extensive research, outside appraisers, and careful attention to age, condition, market value, and past customer interest to determine the prices that are fair to you and to shoppers.

Presentation: Sure. We could just throw your stuff on some tables, slap on prices, open for a few sale hours, then pack up the rest for charity or haul it off to auction. That is exactly what plenty of companies do. But that won’t get our clients their best possible dollar. Instead, we take extreme care in organizing and staging to create a beautiful sale with eye-catching ads to attract a mass of shoppers.

Promotion: Sloppy ads=sloppy attendance and fewer dollars for you, the client. We take pride in our work, and that includes how we present your sale to the world. The more time we spend staging and editing photographs and building an estatesales.net ad that generates the maximum possible interest pays off for you, literally .